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Correctional Officer Test Project

We are currently in the process of creating our fourth Entry-Level Correctional Officer Test, to complement the current CO-EL 201 Test. The Job Analysis and SME review portions of the project are now complete, so we are moving onto the Validation phase.

Validation Study:

  • The first step includes the administration of multiple choice tests to incumbents. Test administration should take approximately 2 to 3 hours.

  • The second step requires asking one or more first or second-line supervisors to evaluate the job performance of those tested. Each evaluation should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. These evaluations will only be used to compare test performance with job performance and will be kept strictly confidential. The evaluations are completed using a web-based form.

These steps are conducted to collect criterion-based validity evidence to support the use of the exams in public safety agencies across the country. Data collected will be combined with that provided by other participating agencies. An item analysis will be run on the data to determine the best questions to include on the test. The tests and performance evaluation data will then be used to conduct the statistical analysis to ensure that test performance predicts job performance.

By participating in this develpment project you can get a large discount on future test orders along with gaining stronger evidence to defend your testing practices. Review the benefits of participation and then fill out the interest form to start participating today! If you have further questions feel free to contact our Research Associate.