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Assessment Center Educational Materials

The Assessment Center Educational Materials include everything you need to know about administering and scoring an assessment center process. The publication consists of five separate manuals that cover:

  • Administration
  • Assessor Training
  • Candidate Training

The Administrator's Manual is designed to assist you in administering an assessment center. It contains the following sections:

  • Assessment Center Overview and Model Creation
  • Content Validation Guidelines
  • Sample Project Management Plan
  • Sample Assessment Center Schedules
  • Strategies for Compiling Scores and Establishing Eligibility Lists
  • Candidate Feedback Suggestions
  • Test Monitor Preparation

The assessor training materials include two manuals. The Assessor Trainer Guidelines will take you through all the steps necessary to effectively train your assessor effectively. The Assessor Training Manual is an example of the training manual assessors would use while going through your training process. Assessor training is an integral part of an assessment center and teaches assessors about the contents of the exercises that will be given during the assessment center process. It also teaches them what they need to know in order to accurately record candidates' responses during the running of the exercises and how to accurately score the exercises that have been completed.

The candidate training materials also include two manuals. The Candidate Orientation Trainer Guidelines will take you through all the steps necessary to train your candidates so they know what to expect on the day of assessment center administration. The Candidate Orientation Manual is an example of the training manual candidates would use during the training process. Candidate orientation ensures that candidate will come prepared with all the instructions necessary to complete the assessment center process.

You will also receive a CD that contains Assessor Training and Candidate Orientation PowerPoint Presentations that can be modified and used when giving your assessor and candidate training.

The CD also contains sample support materials including Word files with examples of forms to be used in the assessment center scoring process, schedules to use when running candidates through the assessment center exercises, and a sample feedback report and graph to use to give feedback on assessment center results to candidates.

You can get a free ACEM inspection copy from IPMA-HR. The inspection copy contains a table of contents for the Administrators Manual, the Assessor Trainer Guidelines and the Candidate Orientation Trainer Guidelines so you will know exactly what each manual covers.

Price: $249.00