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Public Webinar on HR2020: A Vision for Public sector HR on November 9

Tags:  (2016 Oct 20th - 10:46am)

The IPMA-HR 2020 Taskforce released a report in September that sets a framework for planning, communicating, and implementing HR services that will meet the strategic and tactical needs of organizations. The framework includes three lenses of Business Acumen, Innovation, and Strategic Orientation that HR initiatives need to be viewed through in order to be effective. The taskforce identified five focus areas: Leadership, Culture, Talent, Communication and Technology.

Members of the HR 2020 Taskforce will provide an overview of the report and practical actions that can be taken by public sector HR professionals who are seeking to move beyond transactional HR to transformational HR.


Mila Cosgrove, IPMA-SCP, SPHR, Deputy City Manager, City and Borough of Juneau, AL and HR 2020 Taskforce Chair

Lucinda Meltabarger, Administrator, Human Capital Management Division, State of Oklahoma