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CPS HR Consulting and IPMA-HR Team Up to Provide Clients Employee Engagement Survey

Tags:  (2017 Jan 31st - 3:47pm)

 CPS HR Consulting is partnering with the International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR) to provide some of the services from the recently launched Institute for Public Sector Employee Engagement™ to clients in the public sector.

“Employee engagement is a challenge that many government agencies are facing today,” said Jerry Greenwell, CEO of CPS HR. “We’re happy to partner with IPMA-HR to take on this issue with us.”

Bob Lavigna, director of the institute, is leading the charge along with Janelle Callahan, principal consultant of the institute. Its purpose is to improve organizational performance through employee engagement.

“The best way to measure employee engagement is to survey the organization’s employees,” said Lavigna. “After that, we can provide tailored solutions for the organization, because it’s been proven when employees are engaged, they go above and beyond the basic job requirements to help the organization achieve its mission.”

This partnership will assist participating jurisdictions to measure and develop strategies to improve employee engagement.

“IPMA-HR recognizes the positive impact that improving employee engagement can have on public agencies,” said Neil Reichenberg, Executive Director of IPMA-HR. “We are pleased to partner with CPS HR Consulting on this important effort.”

For more information about the Institute for Public Sector Employee Engagement, please visit: