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IPMA-HR Invites Members to Join 2017 Committees/Taskforces

Tags:  (2016 Dec 1st - 1:48pm)

For 2017, IPMA-HR is seeking members interested in serving on the following committees/taskforces:

Awards Committee

The committee is responsible for evaluating the nominations for the association’s annual Honorary Life Membership and the IPMA-HR Awards for Excellence, which are submitted by the general membership, and to make recommendations to the Executive Council. The committee’s work is done through mail, e-mail, and conference call during the spring. The committee has one conference call in to develop its recommendations for the award winners. Members of the committee must be willing to review the documentation supporting the nominations. 

Benchmarking Committee

The committee is responsible for conducting a benchmarking survey and identifying best practices in public sector human resource management. The committee will select the topic for the 2017 benchmarking survey and will assist in the development of the survey and review of the survey data and report that is developed by the staff. The committee’s work is done through e-mail and conference call. 

Certification Advisory Board (must be certified)

The advisory board is responsible for providing oversight and guidance to the IPMA-HR certification program.  The committee’s work is done through e-mail, conference call. The appointment is for three years. 

Fellowship Committee

The committee is responsible for reviewing and evaluating the applications of 1) IPMA-HR members for the association’s graduate study fellowships, and 2) scholarships for the children of IPMA-HR members seeking undergraduate degrees. The committee members make recommendations to the Executive Council of the individuals who will receive the fellowships and scholarships. The work of the committee is done through mail, e-mail, and a conference call in the spring to review the applications and make recommendations for the scholarship/fellowship recipients. 

Government Affairs Taskforce

The taskforce reviews information on pending legislation and regulations and any court decisions that would impact public sector human resources management. The taskforce will assist in developing IPMA-HR policy positions. Monthly conference calls are held when Congress is in session and the calls last about one hour.  

Submit your application to join one of the IPMA-HR committees and taskforces for 2017. Deadline Extended:  December 12, 2016 - Download form here.