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2017 - Is it Time to Get Recertified?

Tags:  (2017 Jan 6th - 11:55am)

If you were certified in 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011 or 2014, then it’s time to get recertified! 

To be recertified, an individual must accumulate 50 points every three years and submit a completed Criteria for Recertification Report Form. You can receive professional development points for any type of human resource training you have received without regard to who is providing the training.

Here are five easy ways to acquire recertification points:

Attending a human resource professional development program? Earn 3 points per day (one day equals 6 hours) of a program or 1 point per partial day. 

Are you a national or chapter member? Earn 2 points per year as a national member and/or 1 point per year as a chapter member.

Are you currently employed?  Earn 1 point per year for continuous employment in a direct human resource capacity.

Have you implemented an innovative human resource management program?  Earn 5 points by submitting a (one-page) description of your program with your recertification criteria.

Have you submitted a policy, program, RFP and/or successful practice?  Earn 1 point per submission to the IPMA-HR website.

Is your Recertification PAST DUE?:

Don't worry, you can still retain your certification by completing a recertification criteria form today.  Please call Debbie Tankersely-Snook (703/549-7100) if you have any questions or concerns on how to complete your form. 

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