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HR News September 2017 Abstract

Tags:  (2017 Sep 6th - 12:25pm)

In this issue of HR News....

  • Employee engagement expert Bob Lavigna shares the latest results from an employment engagement survey conducted by CPS HR Consulting.
  • Organizational effectiveness expert Susanna Hunter with McLean & Company shares how to equip senior leaders to drive employee engagement.
  • Jonathan Wiersma with CivicHR outlines 5 ways to streamline onboarding with digital solutions for better engagement.
  • Cathy Newton, keynote speaker at the 2016 IPMA-HR Annual Conference, advises on what are key components to effective employee engagement.
  • Workplace relationship expert Dr. Paul White discusses how authentic appreciation can help cut through government bureaucracy.
  • Writer Ed Lamb researches how employee engagement is tackles with government agencies in the United Kingdom (page ??).
  • Columnist Howard Risher shares how government needs to rethink its employee relations philosophy.
  • David Ritter and Laura Luisi provide the latest developments on several legal cases involving pregnancy and gender discriminations.