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HR News September 2016 Abstract

Tags:  (2016 Sep 1st)

In this issue of HR News we provide some interesting articles to highlight aspects of your work from the day-to-day to recruitment to preparing for lawsuits, which could be greatly improve with the help of improved technology.

  • Miranda Nicholson with Formstack features 6 online forms that every HR professional should be using.
  • Technology enthusiasts Tonya Lanthier explains how data-driven hiring trumps intuition when building a rock star team in an organization.
  • Jennifer Dowd at Kronos explores the potential for shared technology services that could increase efficiency in the daily operations of government.
  • Writer Ed Lamb explores how automation and artificial intelligence could reshape the human resources function.
  • Raimund Genes with Trend Micro discusses the pro-active role HR professionals must take to enhance cyber-security in an organization.
  • High-technology crime expert Rene Novoa explains how a new electronic discovery process can help HR practitioners save thousands in legal costs when it comes to data collection associated with work-related lawsuits.
  • IPMA-HR member Kristine Crothers with City of Gainesville in Florida writes about how the city is building its talent pipeline to help fill much needed positions left open by departing retirees and high-level leaders.
  • Leadership Roadmap column: Andrew Rahaman discusses the importance of creating a culture a transparency within an organization to encourage organizational culture and teamwork.
  • Managing People in Tough Times column: Howard Risher discusses how government HR needs to improve within leadership functions.