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HR News October 2017 Abstract

Tags:  (2017 Oct 2nd - 4:55pm)

In this issue of HR News we provide some interesting articles to highlight aspects of human resources functions, which are greatly impacted by technology and social media, even in the public sector.

  • Writer Ed Lamb outlines some rules public sector workers should follow when using social media.
  • Labor and employment law expert Randal Cole gives some useful tips on how to effectively manage employees and social media.
  • HR research expert Laura Ribadeneira discusses how to harness the power of employee ambassadors on social media.
  • Jonathan Wiersma with CivicHR gives five reasons for using LinkedIn for more than just job postings.
  • Alyssa Bantle and Jennifer Baillie-Stewart with Crown World Mobility discuss what generation Z’ers are going to look for when entering the workplace.
  • Experts from ROI Institute discusses outlines six different ways to address the critical issue of showing program value, which has become an absolute must for managing human resources in the public sector.
  • Leadership Roadmap columnist Andrew Rahaman discusses 11 leadership imperatives that drive organizational performance.
  • CompDoctor™ experts advise on whether skill-based pay is a good or bad idea.
  • Labor Relations column addresses cases involving race and disability discriminations, as well as the FMLA.