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HR News October 2016 Abstract

Tags:  (2016 Oct 1st - 11:30am)

In this issue of HR News we provide some interesting articles on employee engagement: 

  • Writer Ed Lamb investigates whether leadership can learn to drive employee engagement.
  • Workforce solutions expert Kimberly Abel-Lanier explores the different motivators that make the five different generations of workers happy in the workplace.
  • Human resources consultant Rachel Aleknavicius advises on how to engage the different generations of workers.
  • Teambuilding experts Mario Moussa, Derek Newberry, and Madeline Boyer shares how to get teams to work when no one wants to.
  • Writer Jenny Donovan addresses the drop in law enforcement recruitment efforts that are happening nationwide.
  • CompDoctor is back with some great advice on how to best deal with changes brought on by the renewed Fair Labor Standards Act.
  • David Ritter and Kaitlyn N. Jakubowski provide the latest developments on several legal cases involving pregnancy discrimination, disability discrimination and sex discrimination.