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HR News November 2016 Abstract

Tags:  (2016 Nov 1st)

In this issue of HR News we provide some interesting articles on pension and retirement readiness: 

  • Jennifer Dowd with Kronos gives us a brief history of how public pension started in the U.S. and where it stands today.
  • Writer Ed Lamb also helps to find solutions to the problems within our states’ retirement system.
  • Investment management expert Megan Yost shares details from a recent survey, which reveals the powerful impact of financial wellness on participants’ satisfaction with their jobs and benefits.
  • IPMA-HR member E.C. Ricketts shares how language can impact organizational change.
  • Copywriter Kipp Hanley from Prince William County Service Authority outlines how Virginia’s public utility workers are given opportunities to chart a path to success.
  • Employee communications expert Sarah Perry shares how to tackle long-standing ethical misconduct in the workplace.
  • Leadership Roadmap columnist Andrew Rahaman shares a new perspective on what leadership means.
  • Labor Relations column profiles lawsuits dealing with issues of religious freedom, age discrimination, race discrimination and sexual harassment. 


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