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HR News March 2017 Abstract

Tags:  (2017 Mar 1st - 10:50am)

In this issue of HR News...

  • The National Association of Professional Background Screeners on the latest trends of pre-employment screening that public sector HR professionals should be aware of for 2017.
  • Writer Ed Lamb looks into how public sector HR managers should address drug screening in states that has legalized marijuana.
  • Research manager Melissa Paluch provides the latest results from the 2017 Employment Survey.
  • Columnist Howard Risher explores how HR best practices can have an impact on civil service regulations and performance.
  • Columnist Andrew Rahaman discusses the steps needed to get developing leaders to harness organizational change.
  • Mary Hiter with Interleukin Genetics, who discusses how HR professionals can use genetic insights to improve preventative care and drive down healthcare costs.