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HR News March 2016 Abstract

Tags:  (2016 Feb 26th)

In this issue of HR News

  • “Is Your Workplace Respectful?” ask regular labor law contributor David Ritter and colleague Adrienne Pietropaulo, while providing checklists for gauging and fostering respectful interactions among employees and managers.
  • The monthly Labor Relations column summarizes court decisions in cases concerning medical marijuana, discipline for violating absenteeism rules and the availability of First Amendment protections for reporting threats of school violence.
  • Past IPMA-HR president Robert Lavigna, IPMA-CP, highlights the need to promote respect in order to boost engagement, and vice versa.
  • Returning contributor Julius Rhodes discusses the importance of not giving up too easily on difficult workers.
  • Psychologist Paul White writes about what you can do when difficulties among the people you work with cross the line to toxic.
  • National Institute Health workplace violence prevention coordinators Jessica Hawkins and Megan Skidmore share their expertise for recognizing, mitigating and responding to employees who make and act on threats.
  • IPMA-HR Research Director Melissa Paluch presents the 2016 Public Sector Employment Outlook.

Check back in April for news and insights on health and wellness at public sector organizations.