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HR News June 2017 Abstract

Tags:  (2017 Jun 1st - 11:04am)

In this issue of HR News...

  • HR News Trish Holliday and E.C. Ricketts with the State of Tennessee Department of Human Resources share their best practices and development strategies for recruiting and retaining top talent to their agency.
  • Ian Cook with Visier Inc explores how to track the effectiveness of recruitment processes.
  • Jonathan Wiersma with CivicHR discusses how to turn job descriptions into performance profiles for better hiring and retention.
  • Talent acquisition expert Crystal Williams shares five talent acquisition tips that all HR leaders should consider.
  • Michael Papay with Waggl discusses how to develop a higher level of trust when managing relationship with employees.
  • Kevin Curry with ReedGroup shares how to effectively handle employees who may face short-term disability absences.
  • Comp Doctor™ experts provide great advice on how to handle salary surveys.
  • Columnist Howard Risher provides great insight on Four Decades of the Drive for Pay Equity.