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HR News July 2016 Abstract

Tags:  (2016 Jul 1st)

In this issue of HR News, we explore employee compensation, benefits, rewards and recognition. These days with a multigenerational workforce, finding the right combination of ways to engage and keep good employees, beyond the standard compensation and healthcare benefits, can be very challenging for many HR professionals.

  • Jennifer Dowd from Kronos provides a useful article on what kinds of benefits would appeal to each different generation.
  • Human resources professional Al Zink from also shares why a good paternal leave benefit is not only good for parents, but also the organizations.
  • HR News writer Ed Lamb profiles three states’ – California, New York, Oregon -- minimum wage laws and policies.
  • Attorney Ashley Manfull also provides some useful tips on how public agencies can effectively use unpaid interns and volunteers to reduce costs.
  • Howard Risher’s Managing People in Tough Times discusses how agencies can become great organizations.
  • Labor Relations column profiles some cases involving age discrimination, disability violation, transgender issues and racial discrimination.