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HR News February 2017 Abstract

Tags:  (2017 Feb 1st - 11:08am)

In this issue of HR News...

  • Lucina Meltabarger, one of the HR2020 committee members, outlines the practical steps on how HR professionals can begin to sketch a pathway to organizational leadership in this issue of HR News.

  • Writer Ed Lamb explores how HR professionals can start claiming a seat at the leadership table.

  • Management consultant Pamela Green talks about how established HR leaders can ensure their longevity and success in the public sector for the long term.

  • Julie Osowski with the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board discusses ways leaders can encourage employee engagement.

  • Talent development expert Marcia Mueller highlights ways organizations can clear barriers for women leaders in the workplace.

  • Organizational management experts Amy Zimmerman and Jen Richard shares 5 interview questions every leader should be asking.

  • HR management expert Julius Rhodes advises HR professionals on how to continue to put the needs of people first while moving up the leadership ladder.

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