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HR News February 2016 Abstract

Tags:  (2016 Jan 29th)

In this issue of HR News

  • The South Carolina Department of Transportation reversed nearly a decade of workforce declines by raising salaries using previously allocated payroll funds and redesigning performance reward programs.
  • Georgia’s State Road and Tollway Authority prioritizes retention in order to design and implement effective recruitment plans.
  • Using web forms to document and organize feedback sessions shows promise for improving performance management.
  • One size never fits all when it comes to recognizing outstanding work by individual employees.
  • Not even the most tradition-bound workplace can now operate without social media rules and strategies.
  • The HR function remains invisible in too many organizations. What are you doing to demonstrate your value?
  • Gain insight into setting salaries by understanding market rates and percentiles.
  • Review recent rulings in employment law cases related to same-sex harassment, empty threats from superiors and racial discrimination claims.