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HR News August 2017 Abstract

Tags:  (2017 Aug 1st - 11:06am)

In this issue of HR News....

  • Stephen Deep, member of the HR2020 Taskforce, dives deeper into the role technology and innovation can play in developing HR leaders.
  • HR technology expert Brad Mandacina shares how to use technology effectively to boost employee engagement.
  • Writer Ed Lamb investigates why agencies should start going digital with professional training and development.
  • Theresa Maher with Hire Story shares how recruitment videos can be used to help with public sector hiring.
  • Bestselling author and employee engagement expert Curt Coffman discusses how to use culture as a competitive advantage within agencies to attract, retain and activate the best talent.
  • Peter Leeds with the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board shares the latest research on the impact of exhausted employees on the work of the public sector.
  • Leadership Roadmap columnist Andrew Rahaman discusses how organizations can effectively turn conflict into collaborations.
  • CompDoctor™ column shares insight into why minimum qualifications in job descriptions are important.