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OMB Approves Changes to EEO-4 Form

Tags:  (2015 Jun 18th - 11:42am)

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has finally approved the revised EEO-4 Form that state and local governments need to complete to allow respondents to select more than one race and ethnicity. State and local governments will receive the new EEO-4 Form in mid-July when the survey opens.

For the 2015 EEO-4 Report, the Commission will allow submissions in either the current or revised form. Due to OMB’s very late approval of the new EEO-4 Form, the EEOC is suggesting that employers may want to file their 2015 EEO-4 Reports using the old EEO-4 Form. The EEOC also recommends that public sector employers update their computer systems after receiving the survey in mid-July and then re-survey their workforce for the next reporting cycle for the 2017 EEO-4 Report.

IPMA-HR has continuously urged the EEOC to revise the form to keep up with the changing ethnicity make-up of public sector workers and is happy to see that the EEOC has finally modernized the EEO-4 Form.