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Major Changes in the Workplace

Resolution Adopted 1991

The Association recognizes its leadership role in addressing the major changes that the workforce must address in the Twenty-First Century. The Association acts as a resource and clearinghouse for ideas and programs to address the change from a manufacturing based economy to a service industries-based economy. Issues that require continuing attention include: skills training, literacy, diversity, women, family and aging workforce issues.

Strategies to Address Major Changes in the Workplace Resolution
WHEREAS, all reliable studies indicate that United States manufacturing is expected to contribute a much smaller share to the world's economy while service industries will create virtually all of the new jobs and most of the new wealth by the year 2000; and

WHEREAS, new demands in public service industries will require a level of education and skill much higher than current positions because of the increased demand for higher levels of productivity and the use of automated technology; and

WHEREAS, the workforce will grow at a slower rate, age at a faster rate and will become more ethnically and culturally diverse with immigrants representing the largest share of workforce growth; and

WHEREAS, women and Americans with disabilities will enter the labor force in larger numbers creating the need for workplace and employer accommodations; and

WHEREAS, these factors affecting the workforce comprise some of the most serious issues to face Human Resource professionals in recent decades, requiring dramatically new approaches to the way organizations manage change and respond to the changing needs of employees; now therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the International Personnel Management Association-U.S. encourages chapters to take a pro-active approach in addressing the issues of literacy/skills training and retraining, cultural/ethnic diversity, women, family and aging workforce issues, and workplace and employer recognition programs acknowledging individual or agency achievements related to these issues; and/or through chapter scholarship programs which encourage the research, study and development of innovative programs designed to address these issues; and be it further

RESOLVED, that the International Personnel Management Association-U.S. encourages all regions and chapters to address these critical issues and that IPMA-U.S. will act as a clearinghouse and dissemination point for such ideas and programs to various regions and chapters of IPMA-U.S.