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Understanding the Psychological Contract with Changing Generations in the Workplace

Tags:  (2017 Sep 19th - 1:30pm)

Tuesday, September 19 - 2:15 pm to 3:00 pm
Conference Room 3-4


There has been much discussion into the changing nature of the employer-employee relationship. There are many explicit expectations in the employer-employee relationship such as salary, compensation and job duties.  In addition to the explicit agreements between employer and employees, there are often unacknowledged and unspoken expectations.  These are part of the psychological contract.  The psychological contract is an unwritten agreement that sets out what employers expect from employees and what employees expect from employers. Expectations often change and have to be amended. Sometimes there are options to shift expectations that neither the employer nor the employee has considered.  Because of the rapidly changing workplace and changing expectations, few people will be able to sustain work circumstances where expectations are always met.  The pressure of new technologies, recurrent economic crisis, competition, or emerging generations in the workplace can make it difficult for organizations to recruit hire and retain quality employees. This session will discuss current trends, and helpful tool to identify emerging concerns and changes to the Psychological Contract as it pertains to hiring and retaining employees.

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Tony Luton II- Human Resource Manager, Civil Service, Denton County, Texas