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Performance Review Bootcamp

Tags:  (2017 Sep 19th - 9:30am)

Tuesday, September 19 - 9:30 am to 10:30 am       
Conference Room 17-18    

This session will help you develop an awareness of how important performance management can become for a leaders success; to understand what the core principles are to success within performance management and understand and appreciate why a leader's attitude may need to be adjusted as a result of exploring a new paradigm.

Human Resource leaders are swamped with the many different areas to manage. With our time being so divided and challenged each day, we must be reminded where to invest time that can particularly provide a return on our investment. When we are hiring, we understand exactly what we desire and where an employee should focus. But what happens when we don't see the results that we anticipated? We must review the actions and behaviors of the employee. Leaders today must work an employee into success or work them out of our organization. Each of our staff on our team should be considered to be a Most Valuable Player. But it's all dependent on relationships. I teach leaders that the goal has to be to make a connection. A leaders understanding of "Situational Leadership" and the readiness chart helps them to understand how and why they approach/interact with an employee. This is critical as it applies to Performance Management.It's imperative that a leader understands where their people are on the competency continuum. Having the conversation requires proper preparation. Understanding alignment of goals and the contribution that is needed for each staff person will increase the success that the overall goals are met.

Presented by

Steven Wilkins- Chief Learning Officer, The New Jersey Courts




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