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Building a Culture of Employee Engagement in Government

Tags:  (2017 Sep 18th - 11:30am)

Monday, September 18 - 11:30 am to 12:30 pm
Conference Room 1-2

This session will be based on Lavigna’s book, "Engaging Government Employees:  Motivate and Inspire Your People to Achieve Superior Performance," published by the American Management Association. Governing magazine selected the book as “one of the six books that public sector leaders and staff should read.” This is the first book that focuses on how to improve engagement in the unique environment of government.

This session will deliver information and practical tools to help attendees implement the recommendation from the IPMA-HR HR2020 "Shifting Perspectives: A Vision for Public Sector HR Report" to “create a culture that focuses on employee engagement.”

We will also highlight the exciting new partnership between the Institute for Public Sector Employee Engagement and IPMA-HR to help our members measure and improve employee engagement.

Empirical research has clearly and convincingly shown that improving employee engagement will drive higher levels of performance. In government, including:
• Higher rates of success achieving strategic goals;
• Better employee retention;
• Higher levels of customer service;
• More innovation;
• Fewer equal employment opportunity complaints; and
• Better employee attendance.

This session will focus on:
• What employee engagement is and why it matters, particularly in government;
• Why measuring employee engagement is critically important, how to measure and analyze the level of engagement, and how to act on the results;
• The new partnership between the CPS Institute and IPMA-HR;
• The results of a national benchmark survey on the levels of employee engagement in both the public and private sectors – and what the key drivers of engagement are;
• What public sector organizations have done to improve – and sustain – engagement;
• Building a culture of engagement; and
• The role of HR in measuring and building engagement.

Presented by

Robert Lavigna- Director, Institute for Public Sector Employee Engagement, CPS HR Consulting