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Hire and Promote with Confidence

Hiring and promotional decisions are critical to the future of any agency. With IPMA-HR’s testing products, you can rest assured that you’re using the best products in the industry.

Here’s why:

  • We have an untarnished record of delivering accurate results; IPMA-HR has never lost a test challenge.
  • We’re a nonprofit organization, which helps ensure you’re receiving the most affordable products in the industry.
  • We’ve been doing this for over 60 years — ours is an unbiased and proven evaluation method.
  • Our tests are comprehensive: We evaluate candidates on the knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal characteristics required to be successful on the job.
  • Our tests are tailored to the job: The test development process is rigorous and relies on a thorough job analysis and subject-matter expert review.
  • Our customer service team is top-notch, receiving ‘A’ ratings from customers year after year.

As the premier provider of public safety tests, IPMA-HR offers reliable, comprehensive, and affordable testing products for the following:


Quality customer service is our goal. Feel free to contact us by email or call toll free at (800) 381-TEST (8378).