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Consortium Testing

IPMA-HR Consortium Testing

IPMA-HR’s Assessment Products department is exploring the idea of letting customers utilize a new administration process. Please see below for more details and take this survey so we can gauge interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is consortium testing, and how can it help my organization?

Consortium testing is a centrally located “test center” within a region that administers IPMA-HR tests to large groups, providing departments the opportunity to consolidate candidate testing. Candidates interested in jobs within several departments and organizations would only need to take the test once; results are sent to all departments for which the candidate is interested in working.

Consortium testing reduces testing costs and administrative efforts, because departments do not have to pay for all the tests for each candidate, secure rooms to administer the tests, schedule proctors, etc. An IPMA-HR consortium handles that for the department.

Where are these consortiums?

IPMA-HR will use one or more centrally located approved testing centers or community colleges to administer the tests. There would likely be a few testing centers in your state that candidates may have to drive to, to take the test.

What would my department be responsible for? What are the candidate and center responsibilities?

Participating departments are responsible for sending out an announcement to candidates about job specifics and the testing process. The testing center, as well as the department, advertises the times and dates of testing sessions, including what departments candidates can apply for through the test.

Candidates use an online application system that assesses their minimum qualifications to take the test. Once they pass this hurdle, they will be sent a confirmation letter authorizing them to take the test.  The candidates would pay a small fee to take the test.

The testing center administers the test and compiles a list of candidates and scores, sending the list to all participating departments.  Departments would be charged a fee for the list.