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Create and maintain a Kansas association of public human resource professionals that enhances the professional competencies of individual members and develops the profession of public human resource management in Kansas.

We do this by:

  • Building a diverse, energized, networked, participating membership;
  • Developing a regular schedule of chapter activities which provides learning and growth opportunities for members;
  • Increasing IPMA-HR Kansas membership participation is statewide, regional, and national professional activities; and,
  • Developing a culture that recognizes IPMA-HR Kansas members for their contributions to our profession and celebrates members’ accomplishments.

Membership / Member Benefits 

Membership to IPMA-HR Kansas is open to anyone in Kansas who is interested in the professional of public human resource management and supports the mission and goals of the organization. There are two membership categories, Professional and Student.

Any member of IPMA-HR Kansas who is not an Individual or Agency member of the International Public Management Association for Human Resources automatically becomes an Associate Member of IPMA-HR. With Associate Membership comes certain benefits -- weekly IPMA-HR Bulletin delivered via email, access to on-line publications such as the monthly IPMA-HR HR-Newsmagazine and the quarterly Public Personnel Management Journal, and member discount to all professional development opportunities offered by IPMA-HR.

Student members receive all benefits of regular membership. Students must be actively engaged in an educational program that focuses on public management or human resource management; or exploring the profession of public or human resource management through an educational program.

Membership Dues/Fees:

  • Professional membership - $60.00/full year (paid July 1 - October 31); $30.00/half year (paid January 1 - April 30). Professional membership includes all benefits discussed above, plus free registration for covered meetings/training sessions (four yearly) including lunch.
  • Student membership - no yearly dues. Student membership includes all benefits discussed above. Student members are charged a $15.00 fee for each meeting to cover costs of lunch and meeting expenses.
  • Non-members - Non-members are charged a $20.00 fee for any regular chapter quarterly meeting / training session. This is to cover meetings expenses and lunch.