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Chapter Resources

IPMA-HR provides services and resources to the local chapter and regional organizations that formally affiliate with the national organization.

Chapter Resources

Chapter Handbook
The Association provides a Chapter Handbook, a valuable resource tool that can assist the chapters with programming, governance and legal issues.

The Executive Council approved the requirement that chapter affiliation agreements would be signed annually by the chapter presidents and the association. The purpose of the affiliation agreement is to clarify the relationship, roles, and responsibilities between IPMA-HR and the chapters. The Internal Revenue Service requires affiliation agreements for any organizations seeking a group tax exemption.

Chapter News Printed in IPMA-HR News
Chapters are encouraged to forward to the Publications Manager, information together with photographs, as appropriate, on chapter activities that could be utilized in the monthly newsletter to the membership.

IPMA-HR Competency Model Training Planning Guide 
Considering bringing the IPMA-HR Competency Model Training to your chapter or region? The purpose of this guide is to assist those organizing and delivering the training to ensure all necessary steps are completed and the program is a success.

Leadership Listserv
In an effort to keep chapters advised of IPMA-HR activities and facilitate communication between chapters, regions and national, the Association has established a Leadership Listserv. This listserv includes the local and regional chapter leadership(the chapter President and other members of the board) as well as IPMA-HR key staff and leadership. For more information, please contact our membership department.

Discounted Meeting Supplies
IPMA-HR also provides various meeting supplies at nominal cost to the chapters to enhance the professionalism of their meetings. Ribbons, indicating positions within the chapter are available, as are blank badges, badge holders and IPMA-HR pocket folders to hold meeting materials. In addition, the Association can provide recognition certificates for chapter officers, speakers, or award recipients. To order supplies, please complete the meeting supplies order form and fax to (703) 684-0948, attn: Membership at least six weeks prior to your event (to allow for out-of-stock items).

Liability Insurance
The Association offers chapters the opportunity to be covered, at cost, by liability insurance, which is errors and omissions coverage for any claim for a wrongful act that was brought against any director, officer, board member or committee member acting within the scope of his or her duties and business liability coverage for any injuries or property damage that occurred at a conference or meeting. The policy provides up to $2 million dollars of coverage. This benefit is offered to all compliant chapters and regions at no cost.

Link from IPMA-HR to Chapter Web Site
The Association provides a link from the IPMA-HR web site to chapter homepages as available, and for chapters without their own website, IPMA-HR lists information pertaining to chapter membership and chapter events.

Reprints from IPMA-HR Publications for Chapter Newsletter
IPMA Chapters may reprint articles that appear in IPMA-HR News in their Chapter newsletters for free. Articles must appear with the following tag line: Reprinted with permission from IPMA-HR News.

Central Records Depository
The Association currently stores key historical documents and records that have been provided by the chapters in a central off-site facility. The central records depository includes important chapter materials such as annual reports, financial reports, minutes of business meetings and names and addresses of chapter officers.

National Member Information
One of the primary ways the Association can help chapters is by providing information on Association members residing within the geographic boundaries of a chapter. Additionally, on a regular basis, the national headquarters forwards the names and addresses of new IPMA-HR members to each chapter president so that the chapter may promote chapter membership. For information on cooperative membership recruitment efforts, such as direct mail or other methods of jointly promoting Association and chapter membership, contact our membership department.

The Association will assist the chapters with programming, ranging from assistance with a speaker at a conference to providing one of the Association's professional development programs. Association representatives plan to attend regional Conferences and Chapter events as time and budget permits. If you wish to have a staff member make a presentation at one of your events, please submit a request at least six weeks prior to the scheduled event.

Chapter Responsibilities

  • Complete annual united membership report (current membership roster).
  • President and President-Elect or one Board member if there is no President-Elect must be IPMA-HR members.
  • Provide Board and Officer roster and contact information annually.
  • Conduct at least four meetings a year.