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Training Provided to Iraq HR Leaders

Through a partnership with the US military and the US State Department, IPMA-HR has provided training to HR leaders from the Iraq government. The first session of the training was held in Alexandria, VA for senior HR leaders with the Iraq Ministries of Interior and Defense. Several additional training sessions were held in Cairo, Egypt. The program also has been offered for the Kurdish Ministry of Interior. A total of 72 Iraq HR professionals have been awarded the IPMA Certified Professional (IPMA-CP) designation. IPMA-HR has qualified a number of Iraqi trainers who can deliver the training program. In July 2012, several Kurdish trainers provided the training to members of the Kurdish Ministry of Interior. The primary US IPMA-HR trainers who facilitated the programs that have been offered were Richard Heil, IPMA-CP, Fagan Stackhouse, IPMA-CP, Ronnie Charles, IPMA-CP, and Bill Duffe, IPMA-CP.


For additional information about this training, please contact Neil Reichenberg, IPMA-HR executive director,

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