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Interview Guide

Fourth Edition

Hiring managers, line managers, departmental supervisors, and members of interviewing teams all carry responsibility in the interview process. Everyone involved-not just the HR Department-should be knowledgeable about the legal issues of interviewing as well as questions to ask that will assure the most insightful answers; and how to accurately assess the qualities, talents and skills of prospective employees.

One way to ensure all individuals involved in the recruitment and selection process have the tools and resources they need for successful interviewing is to supply the Interview Guide, Fourth Edition.

This easy-to-use guide is a perfect refresher for HR professionals, and can also serve as an excellent risk-management tool for supervisors responsible for interviewing.

Following are the six sections of the guide:

  1. Introduction and general guidelines - define your goals and ask job-related questions;
  2. Common interview mistakes;
  3. Types of interview questions - including closed and open-ended questions, focused, leading and situational questions;
  4. Sample questions covering education/training, leadership/initiative, innovation, management, customer service and career, including questions aimed at selecting people who possess values that are important to your organization.
  5. Chart of questions to avoid, alternative questions and legal implications covering the following areas: personal issues, race, national origin, religion, age, disability/health, criminal activity, gender/sex, military, discrimination, sick leave, financial, residence, unions and workers' compensation;
  6. Guidelines for conducting post interview procedures.

Cost: The guide is $15 per copy, plus shipping and handling.  Bulk orders of 500 or more copies can be customized with your agency’s name and logo on the front cover – there is a 20% discount for orders of 50 or more and a 25% discount for orders of 300 or more.

To order call IPMA-HR at (703) 549-7100 or complete the order form and send to: