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IPMA- HR Certification Examinations

There are two certification exams facilitated by IPMA-HR for public sector HR professionals. Please select the exam relevant to you from the list below to learn more.

IPMA-HR Senior Certified Professional (IPMA-SCP) Exam

Once your application for certification is successfully reviewed, we will send you your certification examination instructions, which include a link to the exam website, your username and password. Your examination login and password will expire (deactivate) 30 days after the date of receipt — expired logins will not be reactivated. Additional logins are available for purchase (additional fee required). 

The IPMA-SCP exam consists of 85 multiple-choice questions; you have two hours to complete the exam.

Preparing for the Exam

The IPMA-SCP exam is based on 20 HR Competencies — these are the same competencies upon which the Developing Competencies for HR Success course is based. We offer an IPMA-SCP exam study guide for independent exam preparation and the Developing Competencies for HR Success course online for those seeking a more in-depth study. Both are available for an additional fee. 

If you do not pass, you may re-take the IPMA-SCP exam for $99.00.

IPMA-HR Certified Professional (IPMA-CP) Exam

The IPMA-CP exam will be based on the Public Sector HR Essentials Program.  Completion of the training is required in order to take the exam.

If you do not pass, you may re-take the IPMA-CP exam for $99.00.

For questions regarding IPMA-HR certification programs, please contact Debbie Tankersely-Snook at or (703) 549-7100.