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Police Officer Structured Interview System (POSIS)

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Appx 3 hours to train panelists, appx 30 minutes per candidate
7 questions + 2 additional ratings
Price: $11.00
If you haven't used POSIS, we recommend starting with Form A
We recommend at least 3 panelists.

Police Officer Structured Interview System (POSIS)

Assess entry-level candidates’ levels of maturity and motivation, and their decision-making, communication and interpersonal skills in a face-to-face setting with the new Police Structured Interview System (POSIS). This innovative assessment system makes it easy for you to:

  • PLAN a successful oral interview process.
  • TRAIN your panel members on the interview questions and rating guidelines of the system.
  • ASSESS candidates on the knowledge, skills, abilities and personal characteristics (KSAPs) critical to success on the job, including personal experiences, problem-solving skills, and their ability to think under pressure.

Based on extensive research and development methods, including studies with nearly 1,000 candidates, it has been determined that the scores obtained through POSIS are very reliable and valid. With a high rate of consistency across multiple interviewers and panels, the POSIS system has a remarkably high degree of acceptance from agency administrators, examiners and candidates.

>> The POSIS system is designed to minimize adverse impact. Several administrations of POSIS outlined in the technical report showed no adverse impact on minority group candidates.

POSIS has everything you need, including:

  • Administrator’s Manual. Provides an overview of POSIS and details on how to plan, administer and score the process.
  • Panelist Training Manual with PowerPoint Presentation and Video. Prepare panelists to observe and rate your police officer candidates. The PowerPoint presentation includes video vignettes with mock interviews to teach your panelists about POSIS and give them an opportunity to practice rating candidate responses.
  • Panelist Booklets. Contain the oral interview questions, rating scales and benchmarks used during scoring.
  • Score Sheets and all other forms you’ll need.
There are two versions of POSIS available: Form A and Form B.

Both forms assess the same KSAPs, and each contains seven oral interview questions, four of which are unique to the version. You may find the questions in one form more applicable to your jurisdiction than the other, or you may find both forms apply and opt to alternate forms from year to year: the choice is yours! A description of each form is included in the free POSIS inspection copy, which you can order by email or phone: (or) 1-800-381-TEST (8378).

Questions? See our POSIS FAQ.

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