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FF-EL 102 Entry-Level Firefighter Test

Administration Fee: $97

Unless otherwise noted, all test orders are subject to a $97 base administration fee to each test title ordered, regardless of the quantity of tests ordered. This fee will be automatically added to your shopping cart along with your test.

An additional $50 fee ($147 in total) is assessed for shipments to Canada and other international destinations.

Test Number: 
FF-EL 102
Test Audience: 
Test Type: 
Time Limit: 
2 hours
Price: $12.50



The FF-EL 100 series are multiple-choice tests designed to assess whether or not a candidate has the most basic abilities necessary to learn and perform the duties of a firefighter, including rescue operations, responding to alarms, providing first aid, entering fire structures, maintaining equipment, hose operations, attending training and ladder operations.

FF-EL 101 and FF-EL 102 help ensure you’re selecting the most qualified applicants by assessing the knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal characteristics (KSAPs) new firefighters need in order to be successful on the job. For example:

  • Candidates who have the ability to apply situational judgment are most likely to be able to handle day-to-day situations that deal with teamwork, following department rules, interactions with supervisors, co-workers and the public.
  • Candidates with the ability to read and understand written materials (i.e., reading comprehension) are most likely to be able to properly apply job-related materials, such as training texts, manuals, and directions for using equipment.
  • Candidates who possess strong spatial sense are most likely to have a good sense of direction, good judgment of distance and heights, and to always be able to orient themselves and find their way, even in new places.
FF-EL 102 Content Items
Reading comprehension 24
Interpreting tables 10
Situational Judgment 10
Logical and mathmatical reasoning ability 15
Reading gauges 2
Mechanical aptitude 6
Spatial sense 10
Map reading 6
Vocabulary 7
Total 90

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See the FF-EL 101.

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