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Reading List Request

Test Security Agreement signers may use this page to submit a request to receive a reading list for one of our promotional public safety tests.

The following dates reflect the most recent update to a particular reading list. Check to verify that your reading list is the most current available. If it is not, then do not provide your candidates with the out of date reading list.


Type Test Name Last Updated
Police PSUP 301/302/303 May 2015
  PL 301 Jan 2015
  PDET 201/202 Jan 2015
Fire FCO 401-EM/402-EM Apr 2015
  FCO 403/404 Apr 2015
Corrections     CF-FLS 202 Jan 2014
ECC ECC-FLS 202 Jan 2014


Fill out the form below and click submit. Once we've received your request and verified that you are a TSA signer, you'll receive an email reply with the reading list you requested.

Please note that some reading lists cover multiple tests.

Please select which reading list you would like to receive. You may re-submit this form to receive lists for multiple tests.