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Entry-Level Firefighter Candidate Study Guide (2nd Edition)

Important Notice to Test Candidates

If you are a candidate who is going to be taking an IPMA-HR public safety test, do NOT order your study guide on this page. Your order will not be accepted and you will be redirected to place your order on the proper website.

Candidates ordering one of our study guides may do so at

This 71-page study guide is designed to help firefighter candidates prepare to take any of IPMA-HR’s entry-level firefighter tests. The study guide may be purchased by either the test administering agency or directly by the candidates themselves.

The goals of this study guide are to:

  • Answer frequently asked questions about the test forms. By reading through the answers to the frequently asked questions, you should gain a clear understanding of what each test assesses, the differences between the test forms, and how to get the most out of this study guide.
  • Describe the content areas assessed by the test forms, review the different types of questions you will see when taking any of the test forms, and present sample questions for each content area.
  • Share basic test-taking tips that may help you improve your overall test performance.
  • Provide one practice test (100 questions) and multiple answer sheets (in case you want to retake the practice test).
  • Explain the answers to 25 of the practice test questions.

IMPORTANT: Please note that due to the purpose and nature of certain types of test questions, there are two content areas that appear on some of our tests that are not covered in detail in this study guide. These are: Interests and Situational Judgment. The study guide only contains brief information on these types of questions and no sample questions.

Note to Candidates

Do not use this page to purchase the Entry-Level Firefighter Candidate Study Guide. Submit your order by visiting Public Safety Compass.

The cost of the study guide direct to candidates is $23 for USPS 1st Class Mail or $27 for Priority Mail.

Note to Agencies

Please use the shopping cart below to purchase the Entry-Level Firefighter Candidate Study Guide for your candidates. Orders for agencies must ship to a test security agreement signer.

Price: $15.00