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Public Safety Oral Interview Handbook

The Public Safety Oral Interview Handbook is a comprehensive resource for creating and administering structured oral interviews designed specifically for the public sector. This handbook was developed to help public safety agencies create effective structured oral interviews for entry-level and promotional positions in the police, fire, and correctional services.

The handbook comes with seven booklets – one main booklet and six example booklets. The main booklet contains an overview of research on creating, scoring and administering structured oral interviews and a comprehensive reference and resource section. Each example booklet contains sample questions that can be adapted to any rank (though some are rank-specific), a list of questions to avoid during the interview process, hundreds of real-world examples of structured oral interview questions, and scoring criteria. The example booklets cover the following ranks:

  • Entry-Level Example Booklet: Correctional Officer, Firefighter, and Police Officer

  • First-Line Supervisor Example Booklet: Correctional Corporal, Correctional Sergeant, Fire Lieutenant, Police Corporal, and Police Sergeant

  • Second-Line Supervisor Example Booklet: Police Lieutenant and Correctional Lieutenant

  • Third-Line Supervisor Example Booklet: Corrections Captain, Fire Captain, and Police Captain

  • Upper-Level Example Booklet: Fire Assistant Chief, Fire Battalion Chief, Fire Chief, and Police Assistant Chief

  • Specialty Position Example Booklet: Evidence Technician, Fire Engineer, Fire Equipment Operator, Fire Inspector, Fire Marshal, Police Detective, and Public Safety Telecommunicator

Please note:

Because the handbook contains rank-sensitive information, it may only be shipped to principal signers (Fire Chiefs, HR Directors, Police Chiefs, Civil Service Chairmen, etc.). It is the principal signer's responsibility to decide who should have access to which example booklets. What does this mean? Well, it would be inappropriate for a Police Sergeant to have access to the Second-Line Supervisor Example Booklet because the Sergeant might one day be tested on questions from the Second-Line Supervisor Example Booklet.

Please note that the example booklets cannot be purchased individually.