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Assessment Overview

You can hire and promote with confidence knowing you’re using the most reliable, comprehensive, and affordable assessment products in the industry. We offer tests and supporting products for the following:

Get a More Complete Picture

Our assessments provide you with a more complete picture of candidates’ potential. You will receive much more valuable information and insight than interviews alone could provide. Some of the benefits include:

  • A faster and more efficient means of identifying the most qualified candidates.
  • An unbiased and proven evaluation method.
  • A test that is tailored to the job.
  • A test that evaluates candidates on the knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal characteristics required to be successful on the job.
  • An invaluable tool that simplifies your recruitment, hiring and promotional process.

Test Security is a Must — for Everyone's Benefit

Test Security Agreements (TSAs) are just one of the security precautions we take to ensure that our tests don’t get into the wrong hands. We require that you have a signed TSA on file with us before ordering any of our testing products or publications. We do this for your benefit, your agency or organization’s benefit, and the benefit of those who will be taking the test.

The TSA is a legal document that protects the mutual interests of all public agencies and officials who use test materials obtained from IPMA-HR. It also protects the interests of persons taking the tests by helping to ensure that no one gains special advantage by having improper access to the test materials and publications. Download a copy of the TSA to get started.